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Banna Estates

Banna EstatesInSite Engineering provided the site design and survey of the 60 lot residential subdivision. The lots are located on four new roadways totaling 5,000 linear feet. The scope of work included preparation of boundary plan, existing conditions base plan, lotting plans, alignment and grading…

Horton Estates

Horton EstatesInSite’s work within the affordable housing indus- try included the development of 66 acres of land with 66 independent living units.The community was developed in three stages, each consisting of 22 residential units, and a 3,000sf community building. InSite provided all of the survey, site de- sign, permitting and construction layout services.


LavinsInSite Engineering is providing the survey and site development for this 5 acre property with marina services and boat storage. The scope of work encompasses boundary and existing condi- tion base plans, grading, alignment and lotting plans, percolation testing, drainage and stormwa- ter management and environmental permitting.

View full project details here.. pdf
View full project details here.. pdf
View full project details here.. pdf



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